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A corrective chiropractor in Burnsville is going to be focused primarily on the structure of your spine. Just like with your blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature we all have an ideal or average that is agreed upon for what is best for the body to optimally function at. The structure of your spine is the same. Looking from the front your spine should be straight. All chiropractors and medical doctors understand this. Looking from the side it should have three curves; forward in the neck, backward in the mid-back and forward in the low back. Unfortunately for whatever reason, the medical community has yet to understand, despite their own research showing, that the loss of or normal curves in the spine is indicative of a deviation from normal. This deviation can cause symptoms like neck pain, back pain, headaches, sciatica and other painful symptoms. This is why, instead of treating based only on symptoms, a structurally focused chiropractic will treat with the goal of making measurable changes in the structure of the spine.

This can only be determined if structural radiographs are taken before AND after to measure the improvement. It is common for traditional chiropractors to take x-rays of the area of complaint, but only a structurally focused chiropractor will take a full series of each section of the spine (neck, mid-back, low back) to determine any shift away from the ideal structure of the spine.


Only about 7% of chiropractors offer this. Understanding that the neck (cervical spine) naturally has an optimal curve ("banana curve") that promotes health and prevents pathological tethering and spinal degeneration is why we feel it is so important to correct when necessary. After taking a thorough consultation, orthopedic and neurological tests, and x-rays, we determine if you are a candidate for our corrective care program. The program not only gets you out of pain, but more importantly it addresses degeneration and cervical curve restoration.

We see a 95% success rate for those who qualify and go through this program. People who have struggled for years with headaches, fatigue, sickness, pain, and muscle tension have benefitted from this program.

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