The Grand Slam in Burnsville

Burnsville, MN is an exciting Twin Cities community with a lot of things to do for both locals and visitors. There are different things to engage in including shopping, recreation activities and different attractions to visit. One of the significant attractions in Burnsville is The Grand Slam. It is an ideal place for the whole family. Every person in a family has something exciting to engage in, and some of the things your Burnsville Chiropractor recommends you do at the Grand Slam are:

Laser Tag

The laser tag at Grand Slam comes with two levels and the experience is fantastic. Get a team and compete by targeting the other team's players or base all while defending yourself and your team's base. There are pillars throughout the course to provide cover but don't forget that players from the other team may be looking down on you, too. It is excellent for birthday parties, team-building events or just general entertainment. If you are alone, you can join strangers and make new friends.

Mini- Golf Course

The indoor mini-golf course has 18 holes. It has a pirate theme and takes you to the coast and back as you battle for the lowest score in the caves full of bats and make your way to the smuggler's ship deck where there is a treasure. It is conveniently located and perfect to use any day regardless of the weather. The Pirate's Lair Mini Golf is a must-visit when at Grand Slam.

Video Arcade

If you are in Burnsville and looking for a classy and well-maintained arcade, the Grand Slam is an excellent option. Here, you will find the best and latest arcade games that will keep you busy for hours. Some of the video arcade games you will find here include Deal or No Deal and Wheel of Fortune. What's more, they offer tickets based on your performance that you can use to get candy or win some prizes. Regardless of the time of the year you visit Grand Slam, they always have updated and new releases. So, feel free to drop by and try out the latest arcade game additions.

Batting Cage

The batting cages at Grand Slam are suitable for players of all levels. For beginners, the baseball moves at around 45 miles per hour, but seasoned players, the speed can be as high as 65 miles per hour. Equipment, including helmets are available along with plenty of balls. However, you are allowed to bring your own if you wish to.

While booking ensures you get space in various areas of Grand Slam, walk-ins are always welcome. You can visit here without booking in advance and still find some fun activities.

Now you know what do in Burnsville; Grand Slam is the ultimate place to visit. It caters to every person and you should not miss out. Grand Slam should be at the top list of your things to do in Burnsville, MN.